Lisha’s Kill Reformed Church

Inside LKRC, the official newsletter of the Lisha's Kill Reformed Church, is published through contributions of the congregation. Each issue's thought-provoking lead article is written by Pastor Lisa Vander Wal. Other articles contain information about Sunday morning worship, Christian Education, Bible study groups, senior high youth group and other miscellaneous information.

The issues listed here are PDF files. You’ll need Adobe Reader to view them. If you don’t currently have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, click here to visit Adobe’s site and download the installer. (If you're using a Mac, Adobe Reader isn't necessary; the newsletters will open with Preview.)

If you'd like to submit an article or photograph for consideration for a future edition, click here to email it to us. We regret that we cannot accept articles on paper, printed photos, or photographs; all submissions must be digital. The following file types are generally accepted: Microsoft Word, Rich Text, JPEG. Please note that articles must be submitted no later than the 16th of the preceding month.
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